World Wide Deluxe Blaq Paq - Big Sleeps Ink

World Wide Deluxe Blaq Paq

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Deluxe Bag

  1. Blaq Paq 
  2. 1 Big Sleeps lettering Pad
  3. Big Sleeps Ink set of 5 - 1oz
  4. Sticker pack/Sleeps post card
  5. 1 Big Sleeps Pencil
  6. Letters to live by vol 1 Book 62 pages
  7. Thank you post Card
  8. Big Sleeps ink Brochure

 Weight 2.8 LBS

A Single Strap Commuter Bag...built out of the need for a light weight bag that can carry your essential equipment on trips As Well as being your ‘daily use’ bag. It has a large front pocket that can be expanded to fit an equipment pod. The middle compartment is sized to fit a tablet, and the large back compartment will fit a laptop, 11 x 14 sketchbook and one blaq paq case. The necessities of a daily use bag. Your machines, your power supply, sketchbook, and electronics. Also, there are five zipper compartments for storage and two side compartments perfect for a water bottle and small headphones.